Infusing Innovation, Creating Luxury, Building Legacy!


Our clientele is comprised of the most exclusive and sophisticated members of the Fort Lauderdale community. We build extravagant waterfront homes in areas such as Las Olas and Harbour Beach, and those tend to be our main areas of development. 

Rainmaker specializes in bringing the dreams of our exclusive clients to life. We build custom homes that are truly befitting of our clientele, and we do so with an attention to detail and a focus on the finer things in life.

Each home that we build is inspired by your ideas, professionally crafted to provide you with an energetic, luxurious, and awe-inspiring living space. Our homes are built to withstand the test of time – they are modern and relevant in today’s high-energy culture. Here’s a brief, yet complete, catalog of what makes Rainmaker your premier choice for luxury homebuilder. 

Unique; Just Like You!

Our homes are not built from preconceived list of building arrangements & blueprints. We have expert designers & engineers in-house to ensure that you truly do receive the home of your dreams. Whether you want a post-modern paradise with room for your yacht, or luxurious getaway home for summer, we have you covered.

Exclusive Opportunities

We understand the importance of mastering a trade. We don’t spread our team out across the entire state to take on a variety of projects. We focus solely on delivering the highest quality homes to clients in the Fort Lauderdale area. We understand the area, and we’re experts at building homes that match the surrounding atmosphere.

Unparalleled Service

We understand that our clients pay for the home they want; not the home we can build. So, we put forth our best effort to ensure that you are happy throughout the planning and building process, and we don’t stop until you’re satisfied with the quality of your home. At Rainmaker, your satisfaction is our top priority.


Rainmaker is a premier homebuilder dedicated to offering remarkable services in Fort Lauderdale.

We don’t just build houses. We build places that you can truly call home.

We commit ourselves to building lasting relationships with our clients. That allows us to more effectively help you with the design process of your home, so that we can provide you with the highest quality service possible. We believe that we are more than just a contracted service; we become lifelong friends that you can rely on time and time again.

Each of our exquisite homes is built to your liking. That makes each home a unique piece of art that will stand out. You will never find a copy of your luxury abode while exploring the South Florida area, and that is exactly what we strive to achieve.

We want your home to be as unique and lively as you are.


Our team is made of only the most qualified and experienced professionals in the country. Enlisting our homebuilding services is an investment, and we ensure that your investment is protected by only working with staff members who have proven their abilities in the field of construction and design.

Michael Wilson

Founder and President
Starting his career at the age of 18 as a plumbers apprentice with John J Kirlin, rising through the ranks from foreman to Florida Division manager, Michael procured such jobs as Diplomat, Miami Dolphins stadium, several major military insulation including the Pentagon. When Michael passed the reins with John J Kirlin, it was the largest privately held mechanical contracting company in America.

Gary Dezarn

Lead project Manager
Gary started his career with Rainmaker 15 years ago as a project manager. Gary also assists in locating the perfect property for your new home, and he specializes in the Las Olas Isles, harbour beach and east Fort Lauderdale waterfront neighborhoods.


Due to the unique nature of our clients, we do not specialize in one particular design style. We can design and build dream houses from a variety of styles, and we can combine design elements to create something truly special for our clients. Here are some of the styles we have recently worked with:

Key West Style

The Key West design style embodies everything that makes Florida a premier vacation destination. It brings the luxurious elements of Florida’s wealthy economy into your living space, but it also embodies the lively beach-goer lifestyle of the Keys.


The Mediterranean design style brings to life visions of a time long gone. Ornate archways and pillars with intricate roof designs and an old-fashioned layout make this design style suitable for our most sophisticated clients.


American culture is fluid. It is constantly changing, and is always at the peak of innovation. A more modern design style reflects that cultural fluidity, and it’s based around making your living area as lively and efficient as possible.


Las Olas Isles

Las Olas Isles is a small, exclusive, community of luxurious waterfront homes. All the homes on Las Olas are built within feet of the pure-blue water, having docks that can accommodate a boat or luxury yacht. We are experts at building in such a unique environment, and have the skills necessary to not only build you a home that matches the unique layout of the land, but make your home standout as well. A home in this luxurious area is an investment that you can rely on and an asset to add to your portfolio.

Harbour Beach

If you want a home that is as prestigious as you are, Harbour Beach is the perfect place to build your home. It is called itself home to some of the biggest names in entertainment, real estate, and the corporate world, and its beauty is something to behold.

Like Las Olas Isles, every home at Harbour Beach is waterfront property. However, the area is accented by intricate bridges and a bustling economic zone. It is conveniently located in Southern Florida, and for anyone with a boat, it is home to some of the area’s best recreational activities and shopping centers.


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